Transport & logistics

Art Transit International offers expertise along the entire logistic chain, in France and worldwide, by air, road, or sea.

The sales team is fully familiar with the needs of its customers and the particularities of each specific project. It can offer advice and assistance with all the various administrative phases.

Art Transit International transporte vos oeuvres d'art

It oversees the formalities involved in obtaining certificates for cultural goods, export licences or CITES. It coordinates the activities of its various in-house departments and international partners.

The customs department at Art Transit International issues customs declarations (temporary or final, import or export), as well as all types of transit documentation. It can also cover the VAT or fixed-rate duties and taxes.

Art Transit International has a fleet of vehicles specifically tailored to its activities and offers a weekly shuttle service between Paris and Geneva. It can also organise direct shipments anywhere in Europe.

With the assistance of various partners, consolidated round-trip shipments can be provided for several customers attending international events. This service can include an overall package of hanging and setting up of the artworks on the stand.